Monday, August 4, 2025

Welcome to VBB2

Welcome to Vampires Behaving Badly 2! This blog is being hosted for the previous owner due to threats and blackmail against him. Other websites will be posted shorty and cross-referenced to prevent further threats of banning, death threats, blackmail, and harassment. Supportive messages are encouraged. Tom

This blog is dedicated to the experiences I have had in Second Life, focusing on the nearly 2 years I have spent playing "Bloodlines", a vampire game within Second Life. Vampires Behaving Badly will focus solely on the awful AWFUL vampires I have run across in Bloodlines. I will highlight each person and my personal interactions with them. mostly from being in their clans. My goal is to tell you guys about each of these individuals and why you should avoid them. This is a website to WARN people how truly despicable people can be in Bloodlines and SL. Heed my advice, my friends :) This is my OPINION btw, keep it real and keep that in mind when reading.

Friday, September 27, 2024

JackRackham the Fool

Thanks for reading this webpage and I want you all to know I am ONLY covering vampire leaders I have been under directly, so this isn't hearsay, its all personal experience I have gained in Second Life.

Now JackRackham shouldn't technically be on this website, he's not a BAD king, he's just a totally INCOMPETENT one and deserves special mention here because everyone should avoid his clan (Veritas) at all costs! In my 3 years in Bloodlines I have never run across a more arrogant, controlling, and paranoid ruler like Jack and his queen Layla. Their paranoia on the clan lands made it a misery to bring friends and even potential new members there. They are mortally afraid of April Ktaba and her clan, so they boot instantly anyone who isn't in clan from the lands, making Veritas one of the most unfriendly places in SL. Now I am not a fan of April Ktaba, but neither am I afraid of her like Jack and Layla are. They are so paranoid and fearful of attacks by her and her clan that its almost laughable (and utterly miserable for most of the royals in Veritas). April DOES attack other clans in many different ways, planning such things openly with her council of leaders, but I don't fear her like the Veritas crowd does. Moreween Lorefield is the head-chopper at Jack's clan and gleefully kicks out anyone she can (she will also STEAL your minions even if you are in Veritas). My liege and myself lost almost 100 people in our Line (more than all other clans I have ever been in combined) due to Morween/Jack/Layla kicking them out of the clan over the last 3-4 months. Jack's poor leadership skills and passive behavior makes him an incompetent king in many ways, including his refusal to deal with infighting among his royals. Towards the end, I finally discovered what sort of clan Jack really wanted, a small clan of butt-kissing people who agree with him on everything and who let him CONTROL everything. Jack would actually go into my Line and turn people into full vampires just to gain rank, AND not tell me about it or ask me for permission. He also would use potions on people in my Line without my consent and without telling me, something I have NEVER seen done in any other clan. Oh its okay to help out every once in awhile but Jack controls everything and runs everything and you end up feeling like nothing but a glorified passenger of your own Line. Jack also believes that ALL other clans are run poorly and that 99% of them are wrong in how they are run and he despises all other clans as a result. This is the most arrogant mindset I have run across in quite awhile. This man's arrogance and incompetence are the reasons to avoid this clan like the plague!


Join Jack's clan if you want him to turn people and use potions without your consent (and without bothering to TELL you).

Join Jack's clan if you want to live in a paranoid clan,

Join Jack's clan if you want him to steal minions from you BEFORE you leave the clan,

Join Jack's clan if you like to hate all other clans,

Join Jack's clan if you want to be a brown-noser asskisser, he'll love you then!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Thus Yootz

The very first vampire I met in Second Life was a Greek woman in the clan Talamasca, one of the largest and most successful clans in Bloodlines. Thus became my godmother after "giving" me to her favorite son (a real psychopath named Hekadino) but my relationship with her quickly fell apart when I realized she wasn't interested in me as a person, I was only another soul in a long string in her Line. This despicable woman actually told her minions to create alts so she can bite them, I know I was told this by several of the people in our Line at the time. She also caused enormous damage within Talamasca, using her soul count (then at 500+) to throw her weight around; no one else in the clan had as many minions so the King was forced to give into her alot. her minions caused alot of disruption in the clan and she wouldn't correct them or stop the bad behavior. This continued for many months until she left (and her Line with her) and Talamasca became a much more quite clan. She has continued her march to infamy by stepping on as many people as she likes, her clan growing to one of the top ranks in Bloodlines. She has no qualms about her wretched behavior, her profile says it all:

"I'm a controlling, manipulative, fake, lying bitch. Not nice at all. BAD BAD person. You have been warned NOW."

Thus Yootz is a good example of Eurotrash vampire gone bad, a horrible example to vampires and women alike. I regret ever being in her Line but I was young in SL and BL and didn't know better. Now, as a King myself in Bloodlines, I DO know better, thus this blog and her being first on my list of "Vampires Behaving Badly".

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Hekadino Carfield

Okay, so the second worst vampire I ever met was my very first vampire liege, Hekadino Carfield. In many ways I believe Heka is psychotic in real life, he cares only for himself but can convince others he likes them and cares for them. However he quickly becomes bored with each person, including all his former husbands, and throws them away, crushing their hearts and creating a swath of pain across Second Life. He humiliated me in front of my fiance and my very first minion, both left me the same day as a result. When I complained to Heka he said he didn't care about what happened to me, so I relieged the next day. I continued to grow my clan, as did Heka, but I was always more successful than this monster because I actually cared about my people and mentored them. Heka took over the very successful Castaways sim and bit as many gay men as he could that went there to visit. He stole several of my minions while we were both in the same clan, Talamasca, and he and his minions would grief our turnings at Talamasca as well, being as disruptive as he possibly could and forcing me to complain to Thus (who refused to do anything about any of her misbehaving minions). Heka has continued to grow in Bloodlines until he clan fell apart recently and he rejoined the horrible Thus Yootz clan. He is a menace to everyone, especially the gay men he hunts. He is extraordinarily cruel and manipulative and vicious, a good example of a Vampire Behaving Badly in Second Life. Hopefully the creators of Bloodlines will one day clean up the enormous mess they have made but until then monsters like Heka will continue to use their "game" to destroy as many people as he can get his vile paws on.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Rob Auxifur

When we, the Lukoi, first left Talamasca we briefly joined a clan called Akuma Moon, which was truly the worst decision in my Second Life. I was new to Bloodlines but had done well, having over 80 people in just a few months. When we joined Akuma Moon I didn't know who Evil King Rob was, to my everlasting regret. Most of my minions are gay and most are furry, which Rob said in the first week didn't bother him as long as they didn't let their dicks show. Women however were ordered to be bare breasted on his sim at all times, including the women in my downline. I had no clue what BDSM was at the time until he began a campaign of enslaving my female minions, including the rape and branding of my SL daughter (she didn't know what a collar was, neither did I). Rob also told my gay men he didn't like them but if they dressed as sexy women he would f*ck them, he also told us to hunt hunt "hot"  women for him and that all my women were now his property (2 weeks after we joined). At this I balked because I respect women tremendously and felt it was my duty to protect them from one of the most sexually despicable people in Second Life. We left that clan immediately, but not before Rob tried to take as many of my minions as possible (only one stayed). My liege at the time (Langlear Halostar) gave my soul to Evil King Rob in retribution; he began demanding absurd things for its return, including $50,000L and my SL sister's sexual enslavement for 6 months (this was before Electrum could be used more than once). Once Electrum was able to be used multiple times we had a "Soul Party" on the day we were able to Electrum it away from this monster and to this day nearly everyone in my downline remembers Evil King Rob, just another pathetic loser and a Vampire Behaving Badly.

Friday, August 4, 2017

TinOmen Lax

Okay, so of all the guys in Bloodlines this guy fooled me the most. I met him and his awful awful wife Mels514 in the "Fairplay Leaders Group", a group whose stated goal is that soul-count wasn't as important as mentoring and helping the people under you. Boy was I fooled! When I joined the Ventrue Haven clan under Tin and Mels I was happy until the first Council meeting, in which all the female Council members began to call each other sluts and whores and bitches. I about had a stroke over their behavior and I was livid that Tin and Mels hadn't told me they had brought me into a seriously dysfunctional clan on the verge of a civil war. We kicked out the woman on the Council who was causing the most drama  but Tin and Mels seemed to blame me for forcing the situation; I couldn't possibly go through another Council meeting like that one and Tin had told me he was too afraid to call one sooner because he knew how ugly it would be. They both began doing things I didn't like and we left their clan, not after I dropped $20,000L on their tier and didn't liege any of their people when we left. Tin's behavior after that was shocking, he sent me a Bloodlines avatar named "MaxxReverieIsAHypocrite" when I voluntarily gave them their daughters soul, they tried to liege as many of my Council members as they could, going after my big soul count people (this from a guy who says souls didn't matter and he was a firm believer in the Fairplay Group motto). He then began pulling some unbelievable shit, coming to my new clan sim and bad-mouthing me to everyone including the king of my new clan. When he later found we left that clan and joined Blood Evolutions and he went and bad-mouthed me to the king and queen of that clan, who forced my friend Stella to dump us all into the Curse Horde without holding a hearing. Bloodlines Liaison Morag also told the king and queen of Blood Evolutions I was trouble and should be kicked out, even though she BARELY knows me and only through Bloodlines liaison status. Finding a good clan has been a tough journey, many just wanted my soul count (400+ people, most of them active players), while others just wanted to boss my people around (people they didn't even know and had no clue what their needs or limits were). TinOmen Lax has been one of the worst vampires in Bloodlines and Second Life that I have ever met, certainly the most retaliatory, and thus a good example of a "Vampire Behaving Badly".

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Melz51405 Magic

In life I generally expect men to behave badly and their wives to try and mitigate some of that bad behavior, but this isn't true in the case of the spiteful vampire queen Mels514 and her retaliatory and vicious king, TinOmen Lax, both of Ventrue Haven clan. In Bloodlines there is enormous pressure to gain "souls" by biting people but some try to buck this trend and mentor their people more than just biting random strangers. This group is called the Fairplay Leaders Group but many within the group are just as power-hungry and soul-count watching as the rest of the vampires in BL. Its clear Melz has had many opportunities to keep her live-in-boyfriend TinOmen from deliberately hurting me and the people in my clan, but she has cheered him on. She lieged the avatar "MaxxReverieIsAHypocrite" that was sent to me after I VOLUNTARILY gave Melz and Tin their daughters soul, a vicious action if their ever was one (they hid the soul under another avatar that I reaped). Mels has been such a disappointment to me in many ways, she should be caring to others, forgiving, helpful, etc but she is not. She hold grudges like her king and seeks to hurt others that get in her way or offend her. She has gone a long way to try and hurt me, months after we left their clan, including bad-mouthing others about me and my Line. Sadly all I wanted as a person dying from cancer in RL is a safe place for all my minions to call home, I have been critically ill for some time now and people like Avatar and Zoe and Tin and Melz have known this. Sadly they like to be cruel to the sick, the ill, the terminally dying, something that places them IMO in the lowest regions of Hell one day. Mels is another "Vampire Behaving Badly" because of the way she has treated us months and months later, for being vicious to the dying, and for caring more about "souls" for her stupid clan than people.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Avatar Ametza

The third most despicable vampire I have met in Second Life is Avatar Ametza, the hypocritical and micro-managing "king" of Realm of Dorkness (I mean Darkness). Out of all the people I have met in SL, Avatar truly has to be the most manipulative and cruel, and I believe a special place in Hell is reserved for this monster. This man and his horrible "wife" Zoe are the worst examples of human beings I have ever found on this planet and their behavior in Realm of Dumbasses proved it over and over. I joined their clan several months ago and the very first Council meeting was a five hour nightmare of screaming, swearing, and bad behavior. Avatar and his evil queen Zoe insisted on tons of new rules that I had to impose on the 400+ people in my Line during that Council meeting, they both swore at me including Zoe calling me a "fucker", and they drove out my Council Member under me by saying how fat his avatar was on voice during the meeting. While there are some fine people in Realm (especially BadBoy Gearbox) the vile attitude and actions of the king and queen of Realm drove us out, luckily to a much larger, more stable, more sane clan, Versus Cruor. The only reason why Avatar dislikes me is I took my people with me when I left his clan, a clan we had only been in for 6 weeks. I cannot have people swearing at me or my guys under me, or driving them off by saying cruel things about their avatars, and I am sooooo glad I left Realm of Dickheads, there was way too much pressure and drama there. Avatar and his cruel queen Zoe continue to say horrible things about me, including that I am not ill (which I am, the closest people around me have known this for months). In the end these two horrible vampire leaders deserve what is coming to them: a dead clan. They certainly wage war against all the other clans, especially any clan that dares liege one of the Realm members. Avatar thinks all the larger clans are afraid of him, I have to laugh, he's an ego-maniac and not of much notice. Good riddance to this asshat.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Zoe Liamano

One of the truly cruel women I have ever met online, the evil queen of Realm of Dickheads is named Zoe Liamano and she is a women you hope you will never have ruling you. Like the terrible queens of ancient history, this Eurotrash woman is the most arrogant and vicious human being I have run across in Second Life. There are so many numerous events and actions she has done to be hurtful and just plain mean to the people under her they are too many (and too ugly) to recount. She swore at me my first week in the clan, in clan chat no less, and it just went downhill from there. I asked for no special privileges in Realm but she hated me anyways, and many of my guys under me as well. Her calling me a "fucker" in Council was what made me end my association with Realm of Dickheads and she promptly went and informed all the high level kings and queens in Bloodlines that I was the problem! LOL. What an evil bitch; her profile names says it all: IMuteDramaWhores. She is a whore, and full of more drama than any other woman I ever ran across in Second Life. People with tags like that generally are full of drama by the way. Avoid this horrible, evil woman if you can and if you cannot, just drop a house on her like they did her sister. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mikey Afterthought

One the gay side of Bloodlines there are three infamous vampires, Hekadina Carfield, Northstar Magic, and the wretched Mikey Afterthought. I have only had a few dealings with Mikey and each one of them has been unfriendly on his part. I have gotten many refugees from his clan and their horror stories of the ins and outs of that group are pretty shocking. His clan, the Brotherhood of Blood, preys only on "hot" gay guys and calls their Blood Dolls "Blood Bags" instead, a very derogatory term. Many of his people have complained to me that such a moniker makes them feel unimportant and like dirt, and I don't blame them: we call ours "Blood Angels" cause they are angels for keeping us vampires alive. What bothers me most about the Brotherhood of Bastards is they refuse to do any soul trades, forcing you to use Electrum to rescue someone from their despicable group. I personally have had to use Electrum 12 times to help free people from the evil Brotherhood and all have been immensely grateful (and have stuck with me ever since). This is one vampire you do not want getting a hold of your soul; if you want your lover to have it, Mikey won't give it up. If you want a swap, you can forget it, so send him a dead vampire if you ever need to do a trade with this loser. He also lies to the people they bite, not telling them they are taking the soul. He also doesn't mentor any of his people in SL or BL; disappointing since we always have. Its truly sad that people like Mikey and Evil King Rob use peoples souls in BL to blackmail people, and that's exactly what this jerkweed has done in the past. In the end Mikey No-Brain is another vampire Behaving Badly, someone you should not emulate while playing Bloodlines.